At Excel, like academics, extra-curricular activities too are taken seriously and the institution encourages students to organize cultural events at regular intervals. Many such activities and festivals are celebrated with the true Indian tradition and fervor. Excel faculty and students eagerly await and participate in these cultural fests with great enthusiasm.

The people who come to Excel are interesting, smart, competitive, friendly, loyal, energetic, and fun to be around! Inclusiveness, camaraderie, participation—these are Excel traditions which are amply reflected through the cultural activities.

From club meetings to student-run symposia to volunteering in the wider community, you'll find ways to get involved at Excel.

Here's a look at some of Excel student-run clubs and events:


  • Entrepreneurship Club
  • Finance Club
  • General Management Club
  • Retail and Marketing Club
  • Technology Club


  • Business & Society Conference
  • Media and Entertainment Symposium
  • Excel Carnival